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Different forms of art have always been part of my life. From early childhood I was attending drawing, crafting and dancing classes after school. Every activity was useful and contributed into the development of my creative thinking.

It was therefore a natural decision to take a photography A-level course, when I joined Northampton College. Around the same time I got my first DSLR camera, and that’s when I fall in love with photography.


During the university years, I started taking photos in a local nightclub. This allowed me to apply theory to practice. Within a year I was doing most of the late-night venues of the town.


My improved skills coupled with better equipment boosted my reputation and the hobby gradually turned into a professional activity.


5 years later I have well over 100,000 photos taken at various parties, festivals, charity and sports events around the UK. These are the main areas of my expertise. Additionally, my experience covers object photography, taking photos of venues’ interior/exterior, as well as photo-shoots of people.


I pursue professionalism in every aspect, starting from the basics like appropriate outfit, which suits event’s theme and demographics, to the highest end product delivered on agreed deadlines.


My aim is to create memorable images!

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